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T.O. Galloway

Our main goal was to find a good, reputable realtor that we could count on going forward in our home search.  We were very happy with our initial meeting and decided to stick with Melinda for our house hunt. And boy am I glad we did. I don’t think we would have closed on our current property had it not been for her.  During the hunt she stuck with us and didn’t bat an eye even though we changed our mind in what we were shopping for as time went along.  Being 500 miles away also meant that she did some leg work for me in helping to find a home that I couldn’t do by sending me photos and making trips to property that I found on the internet but obviously couldn’t run to do an initial check on my own.

Melinda—oh my Lord—she was a blessing.  She did WAY more work than normal because of the difficulties. Plus, she also did work in keeping the sellers realtor on track.  In my opinion she was doing some of his work as well.

Anytime she needs a referral please feel free to provide our contact information.
I would welcome the opportunity.